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Born and raised in Seattle and now based in Los Angeles, pop singer-songwriter Maya is a 25-year-old first-generation Korean American artist who released her debut single

"Intoxicated" in February of 2020. Maya discovered her passion for singing at the tender age of four and started writing and recording original music at 16. The rising star specializes in powerful pop vocal melodies and introspective lyrics that have captivated audiences worldwide.

The music starlet's distinctive aesthetic and love for the world of beauty and fashion is an integral part of her artistry that amplifies the messages of her music, which center around themes of self-acceptance, love, and female empowerment.

Maya has garnered significant online traction, specifically for her third single that included dancehall elements "Bittersweet" and her latest emotionally charged single "Helpless. "Her diverse discography has attracted the attention of Raydar Magazine, METAL Magazine, and Medium.

Maya recently attained a Bachelor of Music degree in Songwriting and Music Production at The Musicians Institute in Hollywood. With her degree in hand, Maya is poised to take her career to the next level.

Review: Designated Driver 

Review by Andy Mockbee

     June 12, 2023 -

There is something potently vivid and sensory about the scene singer/songwriter Maya sets on her latest single, "Designated Driver." The 24-year-old artist is blanketed in the night's atmosphere, but her voice is close and clear. It really does evoke the feelings of driving at night alone — or with someone who makes you feel alone. Read more
"An Interview with Singer-Songwriter Maya."
An Cliche Mag interview with Maya, talking about her new single and what coming next. Written by MEIKHEL

                                                        February 11, 2022 - Cliche Mag

Image provided by Mike Zahar
"Maya is sharing Don't Pick Up"
"Don’t Pick Up” is about the classic drunk dialing or texting while drunk situation. The track is about the desire and struggle of calling or texting your ex when you’re a little tipsy".

                                                        February 11, 2022 - Meikhel

"Daily inspiration: Today we'd like to introduce you to Maya Kuriel."
An Voyage LA interview with Maya, reveals her music dream from very young age.

                                                        September 13, 2021 -

"Maya Kuriel is one of the newest young pop artists to keep an eye out for."

                                                         July 13, 2021 -

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